Conscious Business Coaching Workshops, and Retreats

There is enormous opportunity in the Conscious Business Workshops, Events and Retreats to customize a specific program for your organization’s growth. These are effective for any size business, but they will serve your small businesses extremely well. Small businesses are looking to develop a shared value based culture just like the larger companies like Google, Apple, Starbucks, etc.

You want access to the same developmental tools as those larger companies, but may not have the same budget they have to invest in programs that involve travel and overnight stays. While these programs can be done onsite, you might like to take your employees off campus for the impact of change of environment, while experiencing new ways of creating individual and organization growth.

These Conscious Business Workshops, Events and Retreats will be customized for your company. They can be built on a few standard programs. Of course, program offerings would be based on available facilitators.

Here are a few programs that we have done:

~ Conscious Strategic Planning

~ Creative Focus – Mindfulness in the Workplace

~ Emotional Intelligence

~ Purpose & Integrity

~ Organic Visioning

~ Prosperity and Abundance

~ Team Building

~ Conscious Networking

~ The Four Agreements in Business

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