Conscious Business Retreats

Single and multi-day retreats

Real Living has been born of the spiritual practices of its founders, Neil Pinkman and Michelle Wadleigh. Meditation is high on their lists as a tool for transformation. Although their individual meditation practices are different, they both credit much of their growth from meditation.

In the Heart of the Lotus Retreats are single and multi-day retreats that are organic in their nature with an underlying intention of creating a space that is safe, sacred and fertile for Truth to spontaneously reveal itself through us as individuals.

These retreats are based on this belief: If there is enough space for individuals to be safe to feel and enough room just to be, that which needs to be released will happen naturally and that which needs to be revealed will show up with total ease and grace.  Basically these retreats will be grounded in ease and grace providing you with the space to be seen, honored and free to be your authentic self.  Truth spiritual growth and liberation can only happen when we free ourselves to be authentic.

Join Michelle and Neil as they provide the safest space you have ever experienced.  Find yourself there In the Heart of the Lotus. Why the Lotus, because the lotus grows into the fully orbed flower it was meant to be out of the mud and muck of life.  These retreats are created to provide you with that fertile soil for you to grow out of.

Keep an eye on our calendar of events for the next and closet retreat near you.

We’ll see you there in the Heart of the Lotus!